Encouraging Participation in Funded Workshops

The AALAC deans/provosts may help identify other interested colleagues at their institutions who might be interested in selected workshops. The AALAC award will support the travel expenses for up to two participants from each institution, to a maximum of $1,200 per person, but the workshop organizers will make the final selections of workshop participants, based on the desired size of the workshop and any space limitations. Workshop organizers should endeavor to accommodate faculty from as many AALAC institutions as possible. The AALAC deans/provosts may provide supplemental support through their own institutional funds to enable additional colleagues to participate in a given workshop, if space permits. Workshops may vary in cost and number of participants. Funding levels will depend on the nature and scope of the workshop. The maximum funding for an individual workshop is $20,000, however, following a grant award, the AALAC will consider incremental requests for additional funding when the number of non-host participants is larger than anticipated. Unanticipated administrative costs that may arise at the hosting institution are the responsibility of that institution.