Workshop Proposal Guidelines

Workshop proposals should contain the following items:

  1. A description (not to exceed 500 words) of the proposed workshop, its rationale and intended audience, its schedule and format, and its goals and intended impact. Proposals should also include a discussion of any anticipated follow-up activities that workshop groups might envision.
  2. A list of the faculty members who will be the workshop leaders and of other faculty members who will assist in the detailed planning of the workshop
  3. The name, email address, and institutional affiliation of one designated workshop liaison. This individual must be one of the workshop organizers at the institution that would host the workshop. He or she will be responsible for submitting the proposal to the dean/provost at the proposed host institution and for conveying information to the other members of the workshop group. The dean/provost at the proposed host institution will decide whether the proposal should be forwarded to the Workshop Selection Committee.
  4. Condensed CVs (not to exceed two pages) of the above individuals
  5. A preliminary budget, which may support the following:
  • Funding levels will depend on the nature and scope of the workshop. The maximum funding for an individual workshop is $20,000
  • A modest stipend to be shared among the primary workshop organizer(s) ($500 for smaller workshops, up to $1,000 for larger ones)
  • Travel and accommodation expenses for faculty participants from the AALAC
  • Travel and accommodation expenses and a modest stipend for speakers from outside the AALAC. Please note that $1,000 is the maximum honorarium fee for each speaker.
  • Modest staff support for organizing the logistics (hotel space, etc.) for the workshop
  • Administrative expenses (mailing of notices, duplication of conference materials, etc.)
  • Plans for the evaluation of the workshop